With this data we can now show parents and others who are concered with the effects of video games that they do not make people violent.

In this unit we learned how to use google forms to collect data from AUHSD students, Also how to use excel or google slides to get all the data together and create a pie chart or any different type of chart. We also learned how to ask specific question in order to not get unrelated responses as we got. We got a bunch of unrelated responses which throw us off when we tried to create the graphs. Surprisingly we could not change the odd responses while using google slide and excel. We learned that we need to be really specific in the questions that we asked.

Why did we choose pie chart? Since we got many unrelated responses, we had to choose pie chart. Because we need to show the percentage of the odd responses. Pie charts are useful for displaying data. Also, pie charts are more clear. We could not use any other types of visuals to represent the data also because of the odd response. These responses really affected our collected data in many different ways. We really could not get a very accurate data.

  • research and data
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