Over 70% of the people who took our survey play video games.

Over 80% of the survey takers said they enjoy video games.

Over 70% started playing during or before the age of ten. Media can be very influential during a persons childhood.

58.8 percent of people said they played both violent and family friendly games and 21.6% said they played only violent.

48.8% of said they play online only.

We asked our survey takers if Video Games make people more violent. 21 people said no. 2 said yes. 2 said I don't know. 1 said "yes look at robert" and another simply said "ROBERT". 1 said "Only if they play Yandere Simulator". The longest answer we got was "to an extent, i think if young enough can change you, but ages 13+ start to be able to handle more mature games."


In an article written for TheGuardian it states, "In the second study, consumption of violent video games was measured against youth violence rates in the previous 20 years. The study concluded that playing video games coincided with a fall in violent crime perpetrated by those in the 12-17 age group."

Most people said in our survey said that video games do not make people violent and we agree. Most of the people who said this played video games during or before the age of ten. If video games made people violent that is the age when people are most influenceable and it didn't seem to affect them. Even now with over half our survey takers saying they play violent and non violent video games almost all disagreed with violence correlating to video games.

We believe video games are a form of escapism that allows us to experience things we could never do in real life. It relieves us from the worst thing of all, boredom. Boredom can drive people crazy and make them more likely to commit violent acts.